Software Base to Be Established in Russia

28. August 2001

The company will establish a software development base in Russia (Moscow) on September 1st. This base will develop software mainly for the measuring devices of JOBIN YVON S.A. (France), one of our group companies that creates products targeted at the semiconductor industry. In the future, we hope to make the facility our core center for the development next-generation integrated software for all scientific product lines of our group.

JOBIN YVON S.A., an overseas subsidiary headquartered in Longjumeau under the leadership of CEO Gilbert Hayat, markets ICP Spectroscopy instruments, key products in their measuring device product line. JOBIN YVON has jointly developed thin film analyzers (UT-300) with our company. Measuring devices for the next-generation semiconductor market, including these products, require more sophisticated software, the heart of the units, since they are based on more complicated analytical theories.

To reduce labor time and improve work efficiency, we will establish a development center in Russia. We will seek competent Russian engineers for this center, and offer technical education systematically and organically, further enhancing their individual expertise and skills. In addition, taking advantage of our software development know-how, we hope to achieve a shorter turnaround time as well as higher quality products.

Regarding motor exhaust gas analyzers, our core product line, we have already established software bases both in the U.S., the center of the automobile industry, and Germany, highly regarded for their technology and reliability. The new facility in Russia, focusing on scientific analyzers, will reinforce this global software development system.