HORIBA Advanced Techno has undertaken a complete upgrade of all the models in the Slim48/96 series, a leading force in industrial water quality meters.

24. Juli 2007


HORIBA Advanced Techno has undertaken a complete upgrade of all the models in the Slim48/96 series, a leading force in industrial water quality meters.
There is a wide line-up, with pH meters, and ORP meters, measuring the most important values related to general water quality, and also conductivity meters, resistivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters and residual chlorine meters.
The series meets the needs of a variety of tasks, in all types of waste water treatment, the chemical, food, medicine, metal and paper pulp industrial fields, including the management of raw materials, the monitoring of production processes and quality measurements.

The concept for this change of models is products that are "easy for anyone to use." Not only have we provided a full range of key operations on panel screens to make operation simple, and taken care over the feel of the keys, we have also added details like icons displays, making it possible to see the measurement status at a glance.
On top of this, we have designed the products themselves with the environment in mind, reducing their volume of converters and their energy consumption, and used lead-free solder, with the aim of making a contribution to the global environment.



Products name 


Industrial pH meter


Industrial pulse proportional control pH meter


Industrial time sharing proportional control pH meter


Industrial four-point alarm and a time sharing proportional control pH meter


Industrial ORP meter


Industrial conductivity meter (low concentration type)


Industrial conductivity meter (high concentration type)


Industrial conductivity meter (for TMAH concentration )


Industrial 2-channel conductivity meter (Low concentration type)

HE-960CW New!

Industrial conductivity meter (Wide-range type)

HE-960HS New!

Industrial resistivity meter


Industrial 2-channel resistivity meter

HE-960RW New!

Industrial carbon sensor resistivity meter


Industrial HF/HCl/NH3 concentration monitor


Industrial dissolved oxygen meter


Industrial residual chlorine meter



  • Even more compact
    The volume of the products is now more compact, with 20% less volume than our previous 48 series.
    To make them easy to install, we have made innovations in the design of the attachment brackets.
  • Lead-free solder used throughout
    To reduce the burden on the environment, in line with the RoHS order, lead-free solder has been used to mount the components on the printed circuit board.
  • All settings performed via key operations
    Settings can now be made just by checking the display and touching keys on the panel screen.
  • Added security functions
    You can now set a security number, which allows you to lock all key operations.
  • Built-in Communications Function (RS-485)
    The 96 series resistivity meters, conductivity meters, and concentration monitors are equipped with an RS-485 interface to allow you to check measurements and check/change the set points from a remote location.
  • Improved splash-proof qualities (IP65 splash-proof structure - panel section)
    The airtightness of the panel screen has been increased, achieving the IP65 level of splash-proof performance.
    (The structure of converters does not incorporate splash-proof design.)
  • Easy to understand icon display
    The icon display allows you to check the state of measurements and the operating mode at a glance.
  • Our goal is "ease of use"
    The embossed sheet ensures good operability.