Water Infrastructure: Supplied Water / Water sources such as rivers and lakes, which provide clean water, are important elements that support people's lives.  Highly accurate measuring instruments are required for managing the quality of drinking water.

Supplied Water Processing

Supplied Water Processing

Product Line

pH meter

ORP meter

Conductivity meter

Resistivity meter

Industrial resistivity meter HE-480R

The HE-480R industrial resistivity meter features the high-precision temperature compensation function.

Its high-performance temperature compensation makes it ideal for sequential monitoring of ultra-pure water used in manufacturing processes in the semiconductor field, and many other fields, including the areas of electrical goods, foods and medicines.

DO meter

The Slim48 series HD-480 industrial dissolved oxygen meter HD-480

The HD-480 industrial dissolved oxygen meter takes sequential measurements of the concentration of dissolved oxygen, which is an indicator used in the management of activated sludge tanks in waste water processing, and the quality of the water in boilers, or rivers and waterways.

As there is no need to exchange the membrane of the disposable sensor included, it is easy for anyone to use.

Fluoride ion meter

UV meter

OPSA-150 Organic Pollutant Monitor

Das OPSA-150 ist ein kontinuierliches Messgerät zur Ermittlung der organischen Belastung in Prozess-, Trink- und Abwässern. Durch UV-Absorption wird auf den Chemischen Sauerstoffbedarf CSB/COD) geschlossen.

Multi-parameter water quality meter

Water Distribution Monitor

Das TW-100 misst den Trübungsgrad, den Anteil freier Chloridionen, die Farbe und den Druck von Fabrikations- und Trinkwasser.

Oil Film Detecter