HORIBA launches the NEW PG-350E!

30. Oktober 2012

HORIBA is glad to present our new portable gas analyzer PG-350 E.

So far results have been excellent and HORIBA applied for approval according to DIN EN 15267 - 3, DIN EN 14181 (NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, O2) and approval as Standard Reference Method (SRM) for:


  • NOX (DIN EN 14792)
  • CO (DIN EN 15058)
  • O2 (DIN EN 14789)

PG-350E offers well-established features of the PG-250 and following innovations:

  • Robust design
  • Reduced weight (approx. 15kg)
  • Color touch panel
  • SD memory card slot
  • Reduced warm-up time (30 minutes for SRM specifications)
  • Reduced response time for SO2
  • Information for running time of parts replacement

Following versions of the PG-350 are available:

PG-350E SRM (with PMA sensor for O2) and PG-350G(Galvanic sensor for O2)

In addition special versions of PG-3xx with CH4 are also available on request. For all versions we are offering a wide range of accessories (probes etc.).