Food & Beverages

The following analytical and instrumental techniques are used in Food & Beverages, please click on the squares for further information.


Animal Food Analysis e.g. Se & Other Supplements









Elemental Analysis of Soft Drinks, Wines, Whisky, Martini etc...












Fingerprinting of Wines & Spirits






Meat Products






Oxidation Processes






Packaging Gas Sensors






Packaging: Barrier Coating for Food Plastic Films, Bottles






Full Analysis for Product Labels






Quality Control Analysis of Final Products





Quality Control of Functional Properties such as Taste, Texture (Chocolate, Milk, Coffee, Sugar, Starch...)






Quality Control of Incoming Materials e.g. NaCl






Real Time On-line Control of Coatings on PET Films with UVISEL MWL






Analysis of Soils for Wine Growing












Analysis of Supply Water





Trace Element Analysis of Incoming Materials for use in Food & Beverages






Analysis of Vitamins e.g. Se, Fe, Zn, Cu etc