Surface Science

The following analytical and instrumental techniques are used in Surface Science, please click on the squares for further information.

Alloy Coatings on Steel

Bulk Analysis

Correlation Chemistry / Optical Properties (Absorption=f(Concentration))

DLC for Read-Write Heads in Disc Drives

Electrical Coatings used as Electrical Contacts (Like Electrochemically Deposited Ones)

Enamel Coating on Ceramics

Characterization of Glass Surfaces and Coatings on Glasses

Interfaces, Solid-Liquid

Ion Implantation

ITO Films

Langmuir Blodgett Films

Organic Materials / Chemistry

Oxidation / Passivation / Corrosion

Paints and Pigments

Polymer Coating

Powder Coatings


PVD / CVD / Hard Coatings

To Monitor Quality of Paints, Plastics, Polymer, Optical Brighteners and Phosphor Coatings

Rubber Layer on Stainless Steel

Self Assembling Monolayers

Steel Surfaces

Surface Chemistry

Surface Depth Profile Analysis of Hard Disk

Surface Property Improvement for Better Tribological Properties, Corrosion Resistance

Toner Industry