HORIBA Scientific Announces New PTI QuantaMaster Spectrofluorometer

13. Juni 2016

QuantaMaster 8000 Offers Highest Sensitivity in the Market

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in fluorescence spectroscopy systems and solutions, has just announced the newest addition to the PTI QuantaMaster Series: The PTI QuantaMaster 8000 spectrofluorometer. 

The new PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series offers the highest guaranteed sensitivity on the market, with a signal- to-noise ratio (SNR) of 30,000:1 RMS for water Raman, matched only by HORIBA’s own Fluorolog-3. 

The PTI QuantaMaster 8000 is a modular research grade spectrofluorometer for steady state and lifetime measurements. It accommodates up to four excitation sources and six detection channels, triple grating turrets for extended wavelength range, and can be used with single or double monochromators for superior stray light rejection. TCSPC can be added to increase flexibility and adaptability, offering the fastest speeds, shortest lifetimes, and offering a tunable UV/Vis/NIR supercontinuum laser from 260 to 2,000 nm. The PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series can provide spectral and phosphorescence lifetime detection coverage to 5,500 nm.

PTI QuantaMaster 8000 is fully automated. FelixGX software controls all of the hardware functionality, and provides a full set of data acquisition protocols for spectral and kinetic measurements. Scans include: Excitation and Emission spectral scans, time-based scans, spectral and time-based polarization scans, simultaneous multi-dye measurements, synchronous excitation/emission scans, TCSPC lifetimes and phosphorescence decay and time-resolved excitation and emission spectra using either a Single Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD) or gated detection (VCI). 

“The PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series represents the next generation for steady state and lifetimes and is the first new fluorometer from HORIBA after the acquisition of PTI,” said Cary Davies, Global Product Line Manager, Fluorescence Division for HORIBA Scientific. “Researchers can now have a highly versatile fluorometer from the UV to NIR (280 to 5,500 nm), with the ultimate in sensitivity and many unique benefits.”

The PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series are currently available. For more information, please see: quantamaster.com.