HORIBA Scientific launches SWIFTXS module for ultra fast, high definition Raman imaging

6. März 2015

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman and optical spectroscopy systems, announces its new SWIFTXS ultra fast confocal Raman imaging module.


Available for the XploRA™ PLUS and LabRAM HR Evolution the new SWIFTXS module further enhances the ability to obtain fast and detailed confocal Raman images at the click of a button. The module offers a 4x to 5x improvement in speed on even the fastest of Raman images whilst maintaining the class leading confocal performance and sensitivity.
“HORIBA has been at the forefront of Raman technology for more than 50 years, and the new SWIFTXS module represents a major breakthrough in performance in the Raman imaging market. It really does make Raman imaging a realistic alternative to optical imaging techniques and can be used to survey 3D sample structure and surface features” said Dr Adrian Knowles, global Raman product manager for HORIBA Scientific.  “Its technology and speed will enable the user to really focus on detail and the chemical information within an image and is not constrained by the compromises in sensitivity or confocal performance that have previously challenged Raman imaging.”

HORIBA Scientific's new SWIFTXS offers a powerful yet cost effective route to employing the full power of Raman imaging in the laboratory. Obtaining micron scale images on samples from nanomaterials, polymers, and geological sections through to pharmaceutical tablets and biological cells become a much more routine and accessible capability.

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