Learn about the Latest Innovations in Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Live webinar, Thursday July 10, 2014

30. Juni 2014

We will give you an overview of the latest innovations in Fluorescence spectroscopy. This well-known established technique evolves from 2D to 3D measurements with the use of CCDs and arrays to obtain faster, and more complete fluorescence data sets, like Excitation Emission Matrix (EEM) acquisition, in a shorter time.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principle and advantages of multi-channel based detection for state-of-the-art fluorescence
  • Describe nanotubes and environmental applications where this powerful new technology can be applied
  • Experience its speed and ease-of-use with real-time demonstration
  • Gain knowledge in available data treatment and software for EEMs analysis

Who Should Attend?
Scientists and R&D engineers working in the fields of chemistry, biology, nanotechnology and environment.

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