Live Webcast- Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Raman Spectroscopy Adds Chemical ID to Particle Analysis

19. Februar 2015

Raman Spectroscopy Adds Chemical ID to Particle Analysis

This webinar will discuss the growing interest in combining Raman spectroscopy to image-based particle analysis techniques, in order to provide fast, non-destructive chemical identification of the particles. Such particle characterization is currently being applied in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, geology and mining exploration, and environmental analysis. Introductory material will explain the power of Raman microscopy to identify molecular composition and crystalline phase (of both organic and inorganic materials). This will be followed by real life examples from within the pharmaceutical industry illustrating the power of particle-Raman characterization for contaminant analysis to supplement USP788/789 analysis in the identification of a variety particulates in parenterals (i.e., injectable formulations), and analysis of two formulated particulate drug delivery systems with an assessment of impact on dissolution.

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