Module transforms Raman microscopes into high throughput chemical analyzers

18. November 2014

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy systems, announces the release of a new MultiWell module for its acclaimed LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite. The module transforms HORIBA’s Raman microscopes into high throughput chemical analyzers, coupling non-destructive, chemically rich analysis, with high sample turn around and fast return on investment.

The MultiWell module is an add-on for HORIBA’s Raman microscopes equipped with standard XY stages.  It is compatible with a wide range of well plates, micro-titre plates and micro-spot arrays, including standard 96- and 384-well plates. Custom plates can also be accommodated, but may require alternative sample stages to match the plate dimensions.  An intuitive Plate Wizard can be used to configure virtually any plate to be used by the Raman system.  Optional reference locating tools are available to ensure the highest spatial integrity when loading the plates, allowing compensation for shift, rotation and tilt of the plate.

LabSpec 6 is simple yet powerful software, which allows researchers to handle advanced analytical functionalities, in multi-user environments without needing to learn the intricacies of a new software platform.

The data acquisition routines can easily be customized to meet individual laboratory requirements, while retaining the full analytical capabilities of the Raman system.  As a result, experiments can range from basic material identification to advanced characterization of subtle chemistry such as crystallinity, polymorphism and stress/strain. Data acquired through the module can be interrogated using the full suite of functions, including ‘one-touch’ Multivariate analysis methods, and intelligent spectrum identification using the KnowItAll® HORIBA Edition.

Dr. Simon FitzGerald, Raman Software Product Manager at HORIBA Scientific comments, “This new release dramatically extends the capabilities of LabSpec, making it available to users where high throughput screening is a key requirement.  Its elegant workflow ensures that meaningful results are quickly acquired, allowing large numbers of samples to be characterized with ease.  Combined with its advanced analysis routines and customized reporting module, LabSpec 6 is now a cost-effective single platform capable of handling industry’s complete Raman requirements.”

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