NEO Software will facilitate method development, samples measurements and results management.

18. März 2016

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in ICP-OES spectrometry systems, announced its newest software release for their ICP-OES spectrometers. NEO is designed to facilitate method development, samples measurements and results management.

ICP Neo delivers powerful tools for samples measurement with a new HDD mode (our unique and patented High Dynamic Range Detection System) integrated for standard measurement, advanced quality control protocols and retrospective analysis with respect to the integrity of raw results to match with good laboratory practices requirements.

For improved ease of use, NEO displays all information on a single screen allowing plasma and safeties monitoring at the same time than method development and acquisition. All the information can be viewed at a glance.

“We’ve given the NEO interface one of the most user-friendly GUIs on the market, as well as user-friendly tools,” says Matthieu Chausseau, Applications Manager at HORIBA Scientific. “It offers a multiple user capability with individual passwords, logoff and logon without stopping the sequence, a contextual tool bar to adapt the content with the window selected, user defined window display on the screen, user defined maintenance warnings, and diagnostics with real-time information on instrument status with filter selection, slits positions, grating position and PMT selection, along with zero order and reference acquisition with graphic display.”

Method development features include a visual display of interference free lines using S3 wavelengths database, a unique wavelengths database developed especially for ICP-OES by HORIBA Scientific. This database gives information not only on wavelengths but also on detection limits and is the only one to give reliable relative intensities between emission lines.

Full automation of the analysis is possible with a Smart Rinse feature for automatic monitoring of rinse efficiency between 2 samples, automatic control of the quality with limits on correlation coefficient and recalculated concentrations, and the automated Quality Control procedures that are fully US EPA compliant with ICV, CCV, LCS, Interference check, Paired samples, Spikes, etc.

ICP Neo is available for all of HORIBA Scientific’s Ultima family ICP-OES spectrometers. It is compliant with the latest Microsoft® platform, as well as Windows® 7 and 8. CPU05 electronics are required for communication with ICP Neo. For all instruments not equipped with CPU05 electronics, a field upgrade is available.

In addition to the basic software training given during the upgrade, dedicated advanced software training will also be available in our application lab in Edison, NJ, or on-site.   

During installation, a basic training will be performed by the service engineer who will have been trained in our application laboratory. You will be able to use the software and perform your samples analysis as soon as installation is completed.

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