Two HORIBA Scientific Workbench Articles are in the Top 10 of Spectroscopy Magazine’s 14 Biggest Stories of the Year

22. Januar 2015

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy systems, is proud to announce that two articles written by our application scientists were selected by the editors of  Spectroscopy Magazine’s to be included in their list of 14 of the biggest stories in 2014.

The number one article was written by Dr. David Tuschel, Raman Applications Scientist.  Entitled, “Practical Group Theory and Raman Spectroscopy, Part I: Normal Vibrational Modes,” the article discussed group theory as a critical element for understanding the fundamentals of vibrational spectroscopy.  

Ninth on the list was an article written by Dr. Fran Adar, Raman Applications Scientist.  Entitled, “Raman Spectra of Metal Oxides,” the article provides an introduction to critical concepts needed for analyzing metal oxides in materials such as paint, minerals, catalysts, etc.

Dr. Tuschel and Dr. Adar are regular contributors to the Workbench series in Spectroscopy, with 6 articles per year.  You can read their articles at: Spectroscopy Workbench articles.