With the new XploRA Nano, TERS mapping is made easy

11. Juni 2014

World premiere : Nano-Raman (TERS) mapping live on an exhibition booth!

May 2014, EMRS conference Lille, France

Nano-Raman performed with tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS), and especially nano-Raman imaging, still has the reputation of being a difficult measurement. Last week, to demonstrate that this can now be performed under regular conditions, the HORIBA team has set up a Raman-AFM system “the XploRA Nano” on a standard optical table running without air damping.

TERS imaging was performed without any trouble even when visitors were stopping by to discuss the technique with the team.

« Thanks to our unique integrated solution with AIST-NT (Novato, CA, USA) using tuning fork TERS probes manufactured by HORIBA and the compact XploRA Raman spectrometer, the system is really easy to set up and get running. The extreme stability of the ensemble really help keeping things aligned for long periods of time allowing such imaging performance. All is ran from an interface –we spent quite some time optimizing for ease-of-use and signal performance. Today, the technology is available and researchers can concentrate on developing exciting applications. This is a breakthrough in label-free nanoscale chemical imaging” said Emmanuel Leroy, nano-Raman product manager at HORIBA Scientific.

The XploRA Nano builds on the proven latest LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite. LabSpec 6 provides advanced data processing and acquisition control, assuring fast and reliable results. It combines simplicity with powerful analytical functionality, and opens up a full range of experimental protocols, from basic spectrum acquisition to complex analysis.