Gratings and mirrors:

Depositions of reflective metallic coatings are performed with cryogenic evaporation in our production laboratory warrantying grating performance.
Gratings are provided with a standard aluminum coating. Other standard coatings (to improve reflectivity in certain spectral ranges) may also be requested.

We suggest:

  • Above 6000 Å : IR gold
  • Between 1500 Å to 6000 Å: Al
  • Between 1150 Å and 1650 Å : Al+MgF2
  • Below 1000 Å : UV gold or platinum or nickel

Additional coatings for specific VUV and soft X-ray applications, such as carbon or SiC are available on request for your specific applications.

VUV & soft X-ray gratings:

Reflectivity depends on the light beam incidence angle. HORIBA Jobin Yvon can help you review reflectivity and efficiency values according to your incidence angle and wavelength range.

Ordering Information

Al + MgF2(optimized 1216-1610 Å)

50 000 001

IR Gold

50 000 003

UV Gold

50 000 004

UV Platinum

50 000 005

Reflectivity for Al Coating incident angle = 0°, unpolarized light
Reflectivity for Au Coating incident angle = 0°, unpolarized light
Example of Reflectivity for Different Metallic Coatings incident angle = 80°, unpolarized light

These reflectivity curves are for reference only and do not represent coating specifications.