Replica Pulse Compression Gratings

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HORIBA Jobin Yvon has traditionally provided master gratings for pulse compression applications, to ensure the highest optical performance and damage threshold. Master gratings are manufactured by HORIBA Jobin Yvon in both small and large dimensions.

We have also developed a very accurate replication process for producing high-quality and lower cost pulse compression gratings for less-demanding applications. This specific replication process is available for small size pulse compression gratings up to 110x110 mm in dimension.

All replica gratings for laser pulse compression are gold coated.


  • Absolute efficiency in TM polarization: better than 86%
  • Diffracted wavefront quality: better than ?/3 at 800 nm or 1053 nm
  • Coating: gold
  • Three types of replica PCG gratings are available
  • Three dimensions are standard

Delivered Documentation with Replica Pulse Compression Gratings

  • Absolute efficiency, measured in the grating center location
  • Quality of the -1 order diffracted wavefront
  • A certificate of conformity

Laser Pulse Stretcher, Typical Arrangement

  • Laser Pulse Stretcher, Typical Arrangement