Variable Groove Depth (VGD) Master Gratings for XUV Applications

Variable Groove Depth (VGD) Master Gratings

One VGD grating gives you the efficiency of several classical gratings.

Variable Groove Depth (VGD) gratings from HORIBA Jobin Yvon exhibit a continuously-varying groove depth across the grating width, allowing for continuous adjustment of the grating blaze wavelength with a simple lateral translation. When such blaze adjustments are combined with rotational scanning and a narrow beam, our VGD gratings provide a unique opportunity to perform continuous on-blaze scans and to minimize harmonic contamination over a wide spectral range.

Relevant features

  • Grating blaze wavelength tuning,
  • Synchrotron compatible,
  • Holographic recording processes,
  • Low stray light and minimized harmonic contamination,
  • Material: Silicon, Fused Silica,
  • TGroove depth: typically from hmin to hmax=4hmin,
  • Land to groove ratio: ~0.55 ± 15%,
  • Coatings: Au, Ni, Pt.
VGD Principle

Our VGD grating technology is compatible with the most-recent synchrotron beamline designs that provide a mm-size synchrotron beam onto the grating. Replacing a classical or multi-track gratings with a HORIBA Jobin Yvon VGD will open new experimental opportunities, with optimized flux performance over the entire beamline spectral range.

Example of VGD Grating

VGD Grating Efficiency Curve
VGD Grating Efficiency