To achive high-speed and simple operation, all accessories are included in the EMGA-930.

Parts name of fully supported accessories

Automation system 1 - Crucible loader-Automated supplying system of crucible

Crucible loader

Precise catch and positioning of crucibles by rotary engine
(Maximum stock:100pcs normal and long type crucibles)

Automation system2 - Auto cleaner

Auto cleaner

Two rotating brushes clean the upper and lower electrode after each measurement. The vacuum cleaner removes dusts and prevents contamination.

Crucible waste box

Crucible waste box

Auto cleaner could dispose the crucible after each measurement. Approx.200pcs crucibles could be disposed in the waste box.

Simple operation

EMGA-930 with two automation systems allows simple operation work by only positioning the sample and pushing start button after filling conditions and sample name and provides clean measurement environment.