Wide range and high accuracy measurement

*Range: Oxygen: 0-5%, Nitrogen: 0-3%, Hydrogen: 0-0.25%
*Accuracy: σn-1≦0.3ppm or CV≦1.0% for STD sample
                   σn-1≦0.02ppm or CV≦0.5% for Reference gas
*Accuracy H: σn-1≦0.04ppm or RSD≦2.0% for Reference gas

Double detectors of oxygen (CO and CO2), long type cell and optimized design of TCD provide wide range measurements.

Optimization of the signal processing reduces by half the electrical noise compared to conventional model.

EMGA-930 Result


EMGA fulfils requirements of the standard method for analysis of steel titanium, ceramics etc…

*ISO10720, ISO17053
*JIS G1228
*ASTM E1019, ASTM E1569, ASTM E1409…