Interface Measurement

An interface is a surface forming a common boundary between two different phases.

Interface measurement applications include:

Solid/solid interface

Detection of a very thin interface rich in tungsten located between ITO and WOx layers

Spectroscopic Ellipsometers are capable of measuring interface thickness and determining the percentage of mixed materials forming at the interface.

Solid/Liquid Interface

Thickness measurement of biotin-avidin complex film in demineralised water

Measurements are performed in a liquid environment. The sample is placed in a liquid cell filled with a liquid. Any interaction or adsorption of molecules in the liquid with the sample surface will generate thin film deposition, or molecular binding.
Spectroscopic ellipsometers provide very accurate film thickness measurement at solid/liquid interface.

Liquid/liquid and liquid/air interface

Copolymer interface at the liquid/air interface

Measurements are performed in a liquid environment using a liquid cell. Aggregation of molecules at the liquid/air interface causes a more dense interface. The thickness of this interface can be measured very accurately by spectroscopic ellipsometry.