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AutoTitration Injektoren F-3005 und F-3006


The AutoTitration Injector is used for running automated and batch titrations with precisely controllable and programmable aliquot sizes and mixing speeds. The left syringe is used to inject aliquots of liquid into the sample to be scanned. The right syringe is used to mix the sample to be scanned, or to extract aliquots from the sample. Data are shown as a three-dimensional plot, using the z-axis to represent total volume of titrant delivered

System Operation

The F-3005 and F-3006 AutoTitrator are fully operated through FluorEssence™ software. There are two ways to alter the operation of the injector and syringes: To adjust the basic injector parameters:

  • Volume of the syringes
  • How fast to aspirate the syringes
  • Filling and emptying the left syringe

To modify a batch titration experiment:

  • How many aliquots to add
  • What volumes they ought to be
  • Whether to mix the sample via the right syringe

Hergestellt von HORIBA Scientific



within ±1%


within +0.2%


0.1% of syringe volume

Vol. increment:

0.1 to 100% of total syringe vol.


1 to 250 seconds per full syringe stroke

Syringe Drive Mechanism:

stepper motor driven high precision lead screw with encoder

Electrical Specifications:

F-3005: 110 VAC at 1.4 A and 60 Hz; F-3006: 220 VAC at 0.7 A and 50 Hz

Dimensions (cm):

33.3 H x 15.6 W x 17.8 D

Communication interface:


Computer requirements:

973005 from HORIBA Jobin Yvon or equivalent computer with free RS-232 port

Software requirements:

. Windows® 2000 or XP Pro
. FluorEssence™, version 2.1 or higher

Instrument compatibility with:

. FluoroLog®-3, FluoroMax®-4, and FluoroMax®-3



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