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The Fluoro3PS is a versatile benchtop and rack-mountable power supply suitable for use with most photomultiplier detectors with an operating voltage between 0 and 5kV. Particularly suited for use with Microchannel Plate (MCP) photomultipliers, the Fluoro3PS is a key component in our upgrade package.


  • Regulated high voltage (HV) power supply with 0 to 5kV output range
  • Voltage and current monitoring of HV with LCD front panel display
  • PC interface for convenient programming of HV set point
  • Stand-alone operation with single push button control
  • Automatic ramping of HV protects photomultiplier (up/down)
  • Interlock facility for HV circuit (optional)
  • Two auxiliary DC outputs for use with external modules e.g. amplifiers

The Fluoro3PS is packaged in a high quality EMC-screened rack-mountable enclosure.

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High voltage range

0 to 5kV programmable in 0.05kV steps
(2mA maximum)

High voltage polarity

Positive or negative - please specify when ordering

High voltage ripple

20mV peak to peak

High voltage stability

Typically 0.02% per 8 hours (after 1 hour warm-up)

Temperature co-efficient

25ppm/°C or better

Load regulation

Better than 10ppm

HV ramping rate

1kV/s nominal

High voltage connector


PC interface

RS-232. 9-pin interface cable included (length 1m). Simple ASCII control protocol is compatible with a wide variety of PC hardware and programming environments. Control program included with module requires Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows95 or later) and CD-ROM drive for installation.

External interlock input

Closed circuit = enabled via rear panel socket

Auxiliary DC output

1 ±15V @ ±200mA

Auxiliary DC output

2 ±15V @ ±200mA

Rack mount height

2U, depth 450mm. Mounting brackets for rack are optional - please specify when ordering

Power requirements

1A @ 220V or 2A @110V, IEC power inlet

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