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The TB-02 is a general purpose pre-amplifier for use with fast rise-time detectors including photon-counting types.  It is ideal for use as a pre-amplification stage between a detector and discriminator, and is suitable for use with most photomultipliers including linear-focused (e.g. XP2020), circular cage (e.g. R928) and metal channel dynode.

The TB-02's compact size allows it to be located close to the detector thus minimizing critical cable distance.  Mounting holes are provided.

Performance Data

Instrumental profile obtained using TB-02 in conjunction with a fast rise-time detector and picosecond laser.

Hergestellt von HORIBA Scientific


Frequency range

0.5 to 500MHz




50Ω input and output. DC coupled input and output.

Signal connectors

NIM standard QLA/Lemo00 for input & output.

Power connector

Lemo 0B303 socket.


34mm x 64mm x 58mm.

Power requirements

+15V to +24V @ 100mA. Internally regulated.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.