SceneScope RUVIS (Reflected Ultra-Violet Imaging System)


For 6 years the SceneScope has been the cutting edge of latent fingerprint detection technology. First marketed by SPEX in 1997, the SceneScope has been sold to dozens of U.S. law enforcement agencies at all levels. It has been sold worldwide to most national Police Agencies.

In 2002, SPEX Forensics took the next step in the Evolution of RUVIS with the release of our Second Generation Unit.

The SceneScope imager uses intensified UV reflectance instead of fluorescence as in Forensic Light Sources. The System can detect fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces prior to any treatment or after a cyanoacrylate (Superglue) fuming. Fuming is required when preliminary examination yields no results.

After purchasing 5 units a few years ago, the Italian Carabinieri, purchased 30 SceneScopes in 2002.


For Crime Scene and Lab Work

The 2 main RUVIS applications are untreated prints on non porous surfaces, and cyanoacrylate (CA) fumed prints.

Untreated Oily Prints show as strong black ridges on shiny background.

Untreated Sweaty Prints show as white reflective ridges on black background.

Cyanoacrylate (CA) Fumed Prints look very sharp, as shiny prints (Green in eyepiece) on black background. You can avoid overfuming thanks to RUVIS. A slight fuming is fine, and usually the right amount for the next step of the examination with a forensic light source.

CA fumed prints on White Plastic SurfaceCA fumed prints on White Plastic Surface.

35mm Black and White film.

Latent fingerprint on Painted WallLatent fingerprint on Painted Wall.

Digital Capture.
Illustration of Contrast Effect due to variation of illumination angle.
Depending on what angle the user holds the light, a print can either appear white or black.
Untreated Oily Print on sticky side of Duct (Duck) tapeUntreated Oily Print on sticky side of Duct (Duck) tape.

35mm Black and White film.
SceneScope excels at detecting prints on surfaces that a forensic light source would find difficult or impossible.
CA fumed print on Soda (Pop) canCA fumed print on Soda (Pop) can.

Digital Capture.
Note Superior Background Rejection.
Highly colored or fluorescing surfaces are neutralized due to use of 254nm light.

Other Applications

  • Bite Marks (254-313-365-450)
  • Shoe impressions on tile and other smooth surfaces
  • Explosive residues
  • Luminol Enhancement

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Intensifier Unit

Typical Resolution 40 line pairs/mm, Gen 2.5, Protective circuit from Bright Source, Safety Switch for Objective disconnection, S20 Photocathode, P43 Phosphor, Side Holding with Grip and Hand-Strap, Run-time with CR123 battery 75 hours. (Specify color of Grip: Blue or Green)

Objective lens

Fused Silica elements, 78mm focal length, Nikon mount, capable of being mounted directly on 35mm camera and Imaging over the full size of film for high resolution UV photography.


254nm with 40nm bandwidth in 52mm Ring.

UV Lamp

6W - Ability to run on both 12V Batteries and Lab Power Supply.

Lamp Battery

12V - 7.2A.h

Carrying Case

Soft Sided, rigid nylon bag, maintains shape and protects the SceneScope and accessories from damage. Rugged enough to be checked as baggage on commercial air carriers.

Safety Devices

Eye and Skin UV protection with Goggles, Screw-on Viewer Shield, Second Full Face Shield with headgear (Gloves and Clothing to be provided by users). For CCD Lab version: 3 fold panels with hinges - Face Shield for HMD's.

Video CCD Camera

810 x 505 pixels , AGC High 0.003 lux, S/N 50 dB.

Video Goggles

High resolution Head-Mounted Displays with 800 x 600 pixels, 0.49 inch LCD, PAL/NTSC/SVGA, comes with its own Power Supply.

SC-FM2 UNIQUE High Resolution Option

Modified 35mm camera with intensifier attachment on Top (in place of prism), UV Quartz optics. Ability to mount the 78mm lens on FM Nikon camera and view live the UV image in the intensifier, while focusing on UV Film (Commercial Film) -This Patented Unique Set-up features No Resolution limit due to intensifier. It is only Limited by Film Resolution and Objective.

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