Simple Fiber Optic Adapter

The Simple Fiber Optic Adapter (100F for M-Series, 120F for TRIAX) positions a fiber optic near the entrance slit of a spectrometer with no f/# matching optics.

Lens-Based Fiber Optic Interface

The Lens-Based Fiber Optic Interface (220F for TRIAX, 500F & 1700F for M-Series) offers an adjustable rail system with two lens for correct f/# matching. The use of lenses allows for the insertion of filters into a collimated beam between the two focusing lenses.

1x Imaging Fiber Optic Interface

The 1x Imaging Fiber Optic Interface allows for 1 to 1 imaging of a fiber onto the slit of the spectrometer. By using a mirror, it eliminates all chromatic aberrations from lens based systems.

Fiber Optic Illuminator

The Fiber Optic Illuminator has a chromatic-free elliptical mirror that collects the light exiting from a spectrometer and demagnifies the light by a factor of 6 for launching large slit images into a fiber optic bundle or for illuminating a small sample.

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