Low Temperature Macro Photoluminescence and PLE system

Macro PLE

The HORIBA Jobin Yvon FluoroLog 3 system makes an ideal turnkey macro PL / PLE system. The large format sample chamber allows the easy installation of a standard helium cryostat for low temperature studies.

Excitation is from a powerful 450W xenon lamp coupled to a double grating fast scanning monochromator. The double grating arrangement greatly reduces stray light and as the gratings are kinematically mounted they can easily be changed by the user to maximize efficiency at the desired wavelength.

The sample chamber optics, like the rest of the FluoroLog 3, consist only of mirrors which unlike lenses will maintain their efficiency and focus throughout a wide wavelength range.

The emission goes through a Triax 552 0.5m spectrograph, which offers high resolution and can accommodate a variety of different detectors such as, photon counting PMT, CCD, ICCD, Ge diode and InGaAs arrays. The Triax 522 is unique in that two array detectors (CCD and InGaAs) can be accommodated simultaneously.

The system is controlled by the HORIBA Jobin Yvon FluorEssence software, which can perform excitation, emission, time base and synchronous scans in both eV and nm units.

The picture illustrates a FluoroLog 3 system incorporating a closed cycle helium cryostat.


source - 450W xenon lamp
excitation range - 230 nm to 1000 nm
emission range - 230 nm to 3000 nm


PL and PLE spectra at various temperatures of a GaN sample.

Sample courtesy of University of Limerick

  • Sample A PLE
  • Sample A PL
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