SynerJY™ - Software Designed for Extreme Spectroscopy!

SynerJY Software

HORIBA Scientific SynerJY™ software is a fully integrated data acquisition and data analysis software for spectroscopic systems.

The software provides intuitive control of spectrometers, detectors (offering simultaneous detector control), and accessories. The user-friendly interface allows for quick access to powerful data processing and presentation tools. View data as 3-D plots, contour maps, or CCD images. Perform advanced mathematical functions, create custom views, and prepare and export data for reports in a variety of formats.

Spectrometer Control

Real time interactive control over multiple spectrometers:
Grating position and turrets, automated slits, mirrors and other motorized accessories.

CCD Detection

  • Control X and Y binning parameters:
    Selection of up to 20 non-overlapping active areas.
  • Complete acquisition routines:
    At up to 10 user-specified central wavelengths.
  • Over 10 user-defined spectral ranges with automatic linearised gluing of readouts.
  • Variable integration times and data averaging.
  • Multiple accumulations with cosmic removal.
  • Blast mode acquisition:
    Rapid acquisition of multiple spectra in a single experiment
  • Ideal for experiments involving fast kinetics
  • Real time data processing:
    Blank subtraction, spectral correction, auto-dark subtraction.
  • Triggers:
    Clock and TTL in Start of acquisition.
  • TTL out End of acquisition.
  • Count down timer.

Single Channel Detection

  • Control multiple detectors:
    Gain selection and high voltage.
  • Real time data processing:
    Background subtraction, spectral correction.
  • Real time detector algebra:
    Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of different detector signals.
  • Other real time mathematical manipulations:
    Absolute values, Trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic evaluation.
  • Triggers:
    Clock and TTL in Start of acquisition.
  • TTL out End of acquisition.

Post Acquisition Data Processing

  • Communication with other Windows programs:
    Cut and paste screen as bitmaps or as metafiles.
  • Cut and paste data values in spreadsheets.
  • View manipulation and creation:
    Create custom views or select one of several standard predefined views.
  • Choice of line widths, styles and colors. Label peaks, axis, graphs. Add comments.
  • Peak statistics:
    Peak location/marking, peak area, height above baseline, standard deviation.
  • Data import and export*:
    Import and export data from and to various file formats (over 35 instrument file formats).
  • Data processing*:
    General math functions: +, -, /, x, exponential, logarithmic, power, integral.
  • Interactive zoom, expand, scroll.
  • Curve fitting, smoothing, derivative, integration, baseline offset, X and Y axis unit conversion.
  • X axis correction, Peak deconvolution, interpolation, spectral editing and splicing, averaging.
  • Array Basic programming*:
    Create custom routines and programs using powerful array basic programming language.


LabVIEW VI are also available for customers wishing to interface the instrument control through National Instruments LabVIEW software.

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