Upgrading your existing HORIBA Raman software to LabSpec 6 will provide many benefits, including:

  • New functionality – such as AutoCalibration, KnowItAll® database searching, Multivariate Analysis , ParticleFinder, MultiWell high throughput screening, enhanced image display tools…and many other modules to get you results fast!
  • Speed – with the latest programming methods, LabSpec 6 is dramatically faster than previous versions, handling larger datasets more quickly, and allowing true real time multi-tasking.
  • Versatility – modules incorporating software templates, recordable Methods, User Account control, and customized scripting and remote control ensure that different users will all benefit, whatever their experience, whatever their requirements.
  • Regulatory compliance - the integrated ProtectionPlus module is a configurable security and data integrity module, allowing the use of LabSpec 6 with full regulatory compliance, including 21 CFR Part 11.

Most recent HORIBA Scientific Raman systems can be upgraded to LabSpec 6; please contact your local service representative for confirmation of compatibility and pricing.

For incompatible legacy systems, upgrading to LabSpec 6 for data treatment still makes sense.  The software is fully compatible with LabSpec 4 and LabSpec 5 legacy file formats, thus allowing data from legacy systems to be interrogated and displayed using all of LabSpec 6’s cutting edge capabilities.