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From miniature fiber spectrometer to research grade grating spectrometer systems with TE or LN2 cooled CCD and InGaAs detectors.

HORIBA Scientific provides miniature CCD & PDA USB spectrometers as well as 70 to 1250 mm focal length imaging spectrometers with single and multichannel detectors.

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Buy research grade Grating Imaging Spectrometer - Focal length: 140 - 1250 mm 

MicroHR Grating Spectrometer
iHR320 Optical Spectrometer
iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer
M Series II High Resolution Spectrometers

The MicroHR is the ideal imaging spectrometer for integration into optical systems.

With a focal length of 140 mm and a footprint smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, the MicroHR provides a spectral resolution of 0.3 nm and can be configured with a manual or a motorized turret. By selecting the most suitable set of diffraction gratings and the right detector the MicroHR spectrometer can acquire data from 180 nm to 20 microns.

The MicroHR spectrometer can be configured with a second exit slit to fit an additional single or multichannel detector. This compact spectrometer includes all the features of a high-end spectrometer at a fraction of the cost.

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The iHR 320 is a 320 mm focal length Czerny-Turner imaging spectrometer.

The unique shape of the iHR320 scanning spectrometer is the result of 190 years of experience in optical design. The iHR320 spectrometer uses toroidal mirrors to bring the center of the tangential and sagital focal planes together. This design has the advantages of providing imaging capability when using a CCD detector while optimizing spatial resolution at the edge of the multichannel detector.

The iHR320 spectrometer is the first spectrometer on the market that can be configured with two entrances and can support up to 3 different detectors for maximum measurements flexibility.

This spectrometer provides the best image quality, greatly reduces re-diffracted light and maximize the optical throughput by using a F/4.1 aperture.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well designed and accurate spectrometer for your experimental works. Choose the best instrument on the market and ask us about our iHR spectrometer series.

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If you need a high spectral resolution imaging spectrometer, the iHR550 scanning spectrometer is the best choice on the market.

With a focal length of 550 mm, a Czerny-Turner optical design and the use of toroidal mirrors, the iHR550 imaging spectrometer offers a unique set of specifications.

Like the iHR320 spectrometer, the iHR550 spectrometer is made of single cast for sturdy operations encountered in an industrial environment.

With a total of 3 gratings mounted on an automated turret and 4 external ports, the iHR550 is an highly flexible spectrometer that will fulfill the most demanding spectroscopic and imaging experiments.

Combined with our large offering of single channel and multichannel detectors, the iHR550 spectrometers will exceed the level of spectral resolution, accuracy and reliability required for your absorption, photoluminescence or Raman experiments.

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The M Series II 1 meter and 1.25 meter focal length spectrometers have become the reference in long focal length spectrometers.

Coming from the SPEX family spectrometers, the M Series II use a optical design that provides unmatched resolution and extremely low stray light level.

The scanning sine drive system of these long focal spectrometers can achieve a step size of 0.00025 nm and allow a spectral resolution of 0.008 nm for the 1000M and 0.006 nm for the 1250M.

The M Series II spectrometers can be configured with two automated entrance slits and two automated exit slits. The dual exit port configuration allows simultaneous mounting of two detectors.

The enhance versatility of the M Series II spectrometers, combined with their unmatched spectral resolution, extreme low stray light level and unsurpassed level of accuracy and repeatability make them the perfect spectrometers for demanding applications such as Raman, Fluorescence, Photoluminescence and UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy.

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Selection Guide for OEM Mini Spectrometers

Buy our popular OEM Mini Spectrometers for Industrial, Medical & Security applications:

Sturdy OEM design: Stable and Repeatable – No moving parts – Low Cost & High End CCDs

Mini Fiber Spectrometer
For 785/640/660/532 nm Lasers
High Throughput: F/3.1
210 to 2,700 cm-1  (785nm)
210 to 3,500 cm-1 (532nm)
Resolution: 8-15 cm-1

Mini Fiber Spectrometer
HS: High Speed (1.1ms/spect)
HD: High Dynamic (7000:1)
Resolution: 2-3 nm

Mini Fiber Spectrometer
High SNR (10,000:1)
High Dynamic Range (26,000:1)
Resolution: 2-3 nm

Multispectra, Multifiber, Multichannel Imaging spectrometer with 8-16-32 Simultaneous UV-NIR Spectra

IMAGING Spectrometer with Interline CCD
IMAGING VIS Spectrometer
Resolution: 6-10 nm
Sequential & Simultaneous acquisition capabilities in a very low noise instrument with line imaging – No shutter required

RAMAN [Deep Cooled CCD] -60 °C TE-CCD Spectrometer
For 785 laser low light Raman
Highest Throughput: F /2.3
1024x256 pixel Tall CCD
Fixed Concave grating covers
250 to 2,700 cm-1  (@785nm)
Resolution: 7-10 cm-1
Readout noise: < 5 e-

Mini TE-CCD Spectrometer

For 785/640/660/532nmLasers
High Throughput: F/3.1
TE-Stabilized CCD Detector
Ultra compact design
210 to 2,700 cm-1  (785nm)
Resolution: 8-15 cm-1

10 to 20 input channel
Back-Illuminated CCD

Resolution: 4-12nm
Sequential & Simultaneous acquisition capabilities in a very high throughput instrument with large fiber diameters