Can I reuse the SPRi-Biochip?

The ligands are usually covalently fixed to the SPRi-Biochip and cannot be removed. However, it is possible to inject many different samples over the same SPRi-Biochip surface, thanks to the regeneration solution.

This step means breaking the specific binding between ligand and analyte. The following solutions can be used depending on the biomolecules studied:

  • Cation chelators: EDTA
  • High ionic strength: NaCl 1 M, MgCl2 2 M
  • Low pH: Glycine-HCl 100 mM pH 2, HCl 10-100 mM
  • High pH: Glycine-NaOH 100 mM pH 9.5, NaOH 10-200 mM

Our SAM surfaces are designed to tolerate these regeneration solutions and with ligands being properly anchored to the sensor surface, several successive interaction-regeneration steps are made possible and the number of the regeneration depends on the affinity between the ligand and the analyte.

Please refer to the following application note for more information.