New Format for SPRi-Lab+

HORIBA Scientific announces a new feature of the SPRi-Lab+ system, a compact and manual instrument for the monitoring of multiplex label-free biomolecular interactions.

The SPRi-Lab+ is now available in two configurations for more flexibility!

  • standard horizontal configuration for a vertical insertion of the biochip
  • vertical configuration for reduced footprint and horizontal insertion of the biochip
  • Standard Horizontal Configuration
  • Vertical Configuration

The SPRi-Lab+ is the ideal solution for the development of label-free and multiplexed bioassays and biomolecule detection.

This robust and compact device is designed for simple operation and easy determination of real-time physico-chemical interactions and kinetics monitoring.

Its open format and convenient manual operation enable numerous types of experiments to be explored without restriction or compromise, covering chemistry, physico-chemistry, biochemistry and biomolecular interactions.

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