HORIBA's high performance process monitoring and fluid control solutions, which are commonplace in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, are now finding their place in food and beverage industries. Specialized products for the measurement and control of fluids used both in the process or as part of the process are providing benefits in Quality Assurance, Productivity and Health and Safety.

HORIBA's core competencies in pH monitoring, conductivity measurements, liquid vaporization and fluid control are enabling Food & Beverage companies to guarantee food quality, provide solutions for sterilized  food & drink packaging whilst monitoring, for employee safety and environmental concerns, the usage of toxic chemistries and water used in these processes. 

HORIBA's extensive experience in managing fluids such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Silane and many more potentially harmful chemicals means that HORIBA products can help monitor concentration levels and assist in assuring levels do not exceed 'Immediate Danger to Life and Health' (IDLH) requirements. 

It is not only HORIBA's fluid control products that are bringing benefits to the Food & Beverage sector, HORIBA's recognized strength in measurement and analysis through it's Spectroscopic capability is further supporting users with portfolio of proven measurement and analysis techniques used across the Food and Beverage industries.

Related Products

pH Sampling and Monitoring

Micro Volume pH Monitor UP-100

Visualization of chemical parameter changes using Inline pH monitor

Conductivity Meter

For high concentration conductivity

FES-220 Series

Für zielgenaue, kontinuierliche Messungen von Leitfähigkeiten im sanitären Bereich, von aufbereitetem Wasser bis hin zu Reinigungslösungen.

FES-310L Series

Das FES-310L ist eine Durchflussmesselektrode. Die Durchflussrate des Mediums durch die Elektrode entspricht der der Rohrleitung.


Für zielgenaues Management von Schadstoffkonzentrationen mit Hilfe breit gefächerter Messungen

For low concentration conductivity


Für zielgenaue, kontinuierliche Messungen von Leitfähigkeiten im sanitären Bereich bei niedrigen Konzentrationen.

FS-01FC Series

Das FES-310L ist eine Durchflussmesselektrode. Die Durchflussrate des Mediums durch die Elektrode entspricht der der Rohrleitung.

2 channel Sanitary conductivity meter HE-960CW product photo

Das HE-960CW ist für Leitfähigkeitskontrollmessungen im Bereich von sanitären Anlagen und der pharmazeutischen Industrie konzipiert.

TOC Analyzer


Das HT-110 bestimmt den Gesamtkohlenstoffgehalt in reinen Produktionswässern (Purified Water - PW, Water For Injection - WFI, Highly Purified Water - HPW). Anwendungsbereiche sind die pharmazeutische Industrie und teilweise die Halbleiterproduktion.

Liquid Source Vaporization System

Large Flow Liquid Source Vaporization Control System LE Series

Capable of large flow vaporization of hydrogen peroxide.

Mass Flow Controller

Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-N100 Series

For various industries. Wide range of communication, Digital/Analog, DeviceNet™, CC-Link®, PROFIBUS™ and EtherCAT®. Wide control range from 10 SCCM to 1000 SLM. All-metal.

R100 Mass Flow Controller

Digital Mass Flow controller focuses on non-semiconductor applications. Has digital (PROFIBUS) /analog communications, 24 VDC power supply, high accuracy +/- 1.0% S.P. with high performance Solenoid Valve, and Multi Gas/Multi Range function for the nine most popular gases used in the applications

Liquid Mass Flow Controller

Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters/Controllers LF-F/LV-F series

High precision liquid mass flow controller using the sensor with a unique cooling method. Can control from micro-liter to ultra low flow rate.