Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-R100 Series


Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-R100 focuses on non-semiconductor applications, where high levels of product performance, quality and integrity are needed, such as vacuum coating, bioreactor, food & beverage , analytical, etc.

High accuracy (+/-1.0% S.P.) and performance without high cost semiconductor industry options. Has multi gas/multi range function for the nine most popular gases.

Digital (PROFIBUS)/Analog communications and 24 VDC power supply are available.


  • Multi Gas / Multi Range*

    • User can change Gas type and Full scale range with free software
    • Reduce stock
    • Increased flexibility

  • High Accuracy ±1.0% S.P.
  • ≦1 second response across the full flow rate range
  • High performance Solenoid Valve
  • O-ring material - Viton™
  • Fittings - ¼” Swagelok equivalent
  • Digital / Analog communication

    • Profibus DP-V0
    • Analog 0-5, 0-10 VDC,4-20mA

  • 24 V DC power supply
  • RoHS compliant

*Gas selection from nine gases 

Hergestellt von HORIBA STEC


Model Name



Full-scale flow rate
(N2 conversion flow rate)

< 10LM

< 50LM

Compatible gas

N2, O2, Air, H2, He, CH4, C3H8, Ar, CO2

Flow rate control range



±1.0%S.P (Flow rate >30%F.S.)± 0.3%F.S. (Flow rate ≦ 30%F.S.)

Operation temperature

5 to 50 (recommended temperature range: 15 to 45℃)


≦ 1second over full flow rate range

Valve type

Normally Closed


within +/- 0.5% of F.S.


within +/- 0.2% of F.S.


24VDC (13 to 32VDC)7.5VA


Profibus DP-V0


0-5(10)VDC, 4-20mA

Standard fitting

1/4” Swagelok equivalent

Leak integrity


MAX. Operating pressure

450kPa (G)

Operating differential pressure

50 to 300kPa (d)>3LM:100 to 300kPa (d)

200 to 300kPa (d)

Wetted materials

SUS316L, PTFE, Elastomer, Magnetic Stainless steel and Fluoro Rubber

The precision is that associated with the full-scale MR and MG number values. The flow rate precision guaranteed temperatures confirm to SEMI standard. For details, please contact us.