Mass Flow controller for Industrial and laboratory applications

The SEC-R100 Digital Mass Flow Controller focuses on a variety of industrial and laboratory process applications where high levels of product performance, quality and integrity are needed.

It offers the High accuracy, performance and precision control often associated with high tech semiconductor control instruments without the associated high cost!

Mass Flow Controller SEC-R100 Series

The SEC-R100 Series of mass flow controllers from HORIBA are designed for a wide range of industrial applications ranging from the controlled delivery of process gases such as in surface treatment and vacuum coating, sterilisation within aseptic packaging environments, analytical applications and Bioprocess, bioreactor processing and laboratory applications to name but a few. Users can change gas types and the full scale with a simple PC connection, even insitu. This function is ideal for users who use mass flow controllers with a variety of gases, who need to change the gas type frequently, and who need to change the flow range. The benefits of the multi gas / multi range function includes:

  • Manufacturing: easy change of process gas reduces down time and improves productivity

  • R&D and Laboratories: users can change their test conditions without switching MFCs

  • Supply chain: users can reduce inventory costs by stocking a single part number where previously multiple parts were required to cover a number of gases and flow rates

HORIBA has built an enviable reputation in high-tech markets throughout the world by delivering products with superior performance characteristics, high quality, robustness, and excellent reliability that are supported locally by a global network. Our considerable experience and expertise in the measurement and control of gases for semiconductor applications where high levels of product performance, quality and integrity are crucial to customer process and equipment performance has ensured our position as the global market leader in Mass Flow Controllers. The SEC-R100 is a robust, highly reliable, repeatable and reproducible MFC with high accuracy +/- 1.0% S.P. and high performance Solenoid Valve; multi gas/multi range function which users can change gas type and full scale range for the 9 most popular gases; digital and analog communications: PROFIBUS™ DP-V0 and 0-5, 0-10 VDC, 4-20m, 24 VDC power supply and Swagelock fittings.

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The R100 Mass Flow controller is a cost effective solution for many diverse application areas including:






SEC-R100 Specification

Model Name



Full-scale flow rate
(N2 conversion flow rate)

< 10LM

< 50LM

Compatible gas

N2, O2, Air, H2, He, CH4, C3H8, Ar, CO2

Flow rate control range



±1.0%S.P (Flow rate >30%F.S.)± 0.3%F.S. (Flow rate ≦ 30%F.S.)

Operation temperature

5 to 50 (recommended temperature range: 15 to 45℃)


≦ 1second over full flow rate range

Valve type

Normally Closed


Within +/- 0.5% of F.S.


Within +/- 0.2% of F.S.


24VDC (13 to 32VDC)7.5VA


Profibus DP-V0


0-5(10)VDC, 4-20mA

Standard fitting

1/4” Swagelok equivalent

Leak integrity


MAX. Operating pressure

450kPa (G)

Operating differential pressure

50 to 300kPa (d)>3LM:100 to 300kPa (d)

200 to 300kPa (d)

Wetted materials

SUS316L, PTFE, Elastomer, Fluoro rubber,
Magnetic Stainless Steel

The precision is that associated with the full-scale MR and MG number values.

The flow rate precision guaranteed temperatures conform to SEMI standard.

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