Process Control and In-situ Measurement for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Process

The drive for clean, renewable energy continues at pace. HORIBA's analysis, measurement and control technologies are pushing PV development towards grid parity. HORIBA products are used throughout the crystalline and thin film solar cell manufacturing processes. Adopt our extensive scientific analytical experience in your R&D laboratory. Enjoy the feeling of being in control with HORIBA's high reliable process monitors and fluid controllers in the production process. Take advantage of HORIBA's long history in the semiconductor and FPD industries for custom made inspection systems. HORIBA - let us help you meet the challenges of improving efficiency in the production of photovoltaic cells.

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Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module

mehr CS-100 Series

Stand-alone Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

mehr CS-100F1 Series

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor

mehr CS-600F

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

mehr CS-620F

Optical Fiber Type Hot Phosphoric Acid Concentration Monitor

mehr CS-700

High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor

mehr CS-900

Non-Contact Chemical Concentration Monitor

mehr DZ-100

Ultra-thin Mass Flow Controller

mehr EC-5000 Series

Exhaust Pressure Controller

mehr EV 2.0 Series

Endpoint / Chamber Health Monitor based on Optical Emission Spectroscopy and MWL Interferometry

mehr EV-140C

Optical Emission Spectroscopy Etching End-point Monitor

mehr FS-3000

Thermal Flow Splitter

mehr GR-300 Series

Wafer Back Side Cooling System

mehr HD-960L

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor in Low Concentration

mehr HD-960LR

Dissolved oxygen concentration monitor series for semiconductor manufacturing

mehr HE-480C-GC

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter (Low concentration type)

mehr HE-480R(W)

Industrial resistivity meter

mehr HE-960CA

Citric Acid Monitor

mehr HE-960H-TM

Wide range TMAH Concentration Monitor

mehr HE-960H-TM-S

High Precision TMAH Concentration Monitor

mehr HE-960HC

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter (High concentration type)

mehr HE-960LC

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter

mehr HE-960LF / FS-09F-1/2

Flat Carbon Sensor Conductivity meter

mehr HE-960R-GC(W)

Carbon Sensor Resistivity Meter

mehr HE-960RW-GC(W)

2-Channel Resistivity Meter

mehr HE-960TM

TMAH Conductivity Meter. Perfect for Controlling TMAH Developer Concentrations

mehr HF-960EM

In-line Sensor & Auto Range Switching Concentration Monitor

mehr HF-960H

HF / HCl Concentration Monitor

mehr HF-960M

Low Concentration Type HF/HCl/NH3 Concentration Monitor

mehr HF-SP-CU

2-channel High Precision HF Concentration Monitor

mehr HP-480(W)

Industrial pH meter

mehr HZ-960

Dissolved Ozone Monitor

mehr IR-300

Vapor Concentration Monitor

mehr IR-400

High-grade type Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitoring

mehr LE Series

Large Flow Liquid Source Vaporization Control System

mehr LEM Series

Camera Endpoint Monitor based on Real Time Laser Interferometry

mehr LF-F/LV-F Series

Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters / Controllers

mehr LSC series

Compact Baking System

mehr LU Series

Liquid Auto Refill System

mehr LU-4000 Series

POCl3 Auto Refill System

mehr MI-1000/MV-1000

Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizers

mehr Micropole System

Residual Gas Analyzer

mehr MU-2200

Mixed Gas Generators MU Series

mehr MV-2000

Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizer

mehr PV Series

Piezo Actuator Valve

mehr RU-1000

Plasma Emission Controller

mehr SEC-400 Series

Mass Flow Controller

mehr SEC-8000 F/D/E Series

High Temperature Digital Mass Flow Controller

mehr SEC-E Series

Mass Flow Controller

mehr SEC-N100 Series

Digital Mass Flow Controller

mehr SEC-Z500X Series

Multi Range/Multi Gas Digital Mass Flow Controller

mehr SEC-Z700X Series

Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Controller

mehr SLIA-300

Highly Sensitive Silica Monitor

mehr TU Series

Test Gas Generation Systems

mehr UP-100

Micro Volume pH Monitor

mehr UR-Z700 Series

Digital Automatic Pressure Regulator

mehr VC Series

Direct Liquid Injection System

mehr VCC-100

Vapor Concentration Controller

mehr VG Series

Capacitance Manometer

mehr XF Series

Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters