HORIBA understands that efficiency is key in the test lab environment. Today’s labs are under a great deal of pressure as new technologies compete for resources, the scale of measurement tightens to meet changing regulations, and vehicle development cycles shorten. Helping lab and facility managers gain as much efficiency as possible from their test equipment and resources is very important. 

STARS is comprised of two platforms that integrate tightly to automate and manage all aspects of test operations: STARS Automation for data acquisition, control, and automation in the test cell—and STARS Enterprise, a web-based solution for data management and process automation.

STARS Enterprise forms the foundation of a productive and efficient laboratory and maximizes the use of the test cell by simplifying daily tasks, automating processes, and reducing manual intervention. Its web-based architecture means that development engineers can get immediate and secure access to all data as soon as it becomes available. 

STARS Automation applications are designed to help a lab run reliably and efficiently. User-interfaces are designed so that complex routines and tests can be constructed with minimal effort. Regulatory compliant emissions testing, model based calibration, advanced test execution, and analysis are all available within the ready-to-use applications.

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