Test Automation System for Heavy-Duty Engine Emission Testing

STARS HDEET is a Heavy-Duty Engine Emission Test application available as an optional extension to STARS Automation. It provides efficient test cycle execution, emissions equipment control, results calculation and reporting, in compliance with the different legislative standards. Its flexible design offers a wide range of customization while addressing the various requirements for research and development, conformity of production, and certification testing.

Today, heavy-duty engine emission testing is more challenging than ever before. We must consider increased complexity in emission regulations, new standards for greenhouse gases, in-service and real-world compliance requirements. STARS HDEET helps overcome this complexity by providing complete regulatory emissions certification procedures, using the flexibility of the STARS Automation platform to automate all kinds of engine development test work.


STARS HDEET increases test cell efficiency and productivity from test configuration to final report generation, always keeping the highest quality level to give absolute confidence in the test results.


STARS HDEET can be extended to run custom cycles and to control additional measurement devices which are needed when emissions test cycles are used as part of the base engine or calibration development process.


With our proven experience in engine emission testing, STARS HDEET has been designed so that individual test options can either be selected by the operator for each test or taken from pre-defined default settings.


Preloaded with regulatory cycles, configuration data and results calculations for a wide range of engine applications, STARS HDEET is a ready-to-use solution. STARS HDEET guides the user through the test configuration with minimal required input data, minimising the risk of configuration errors.

Main emission standards

On-highway heavy-duty engine regulations

  • US 40 C.F.R Part 86 Subpart N
  • EU 582/2011 amended for Euro VI (UNECE R49 Rev 6)
  • JAPAN Technical Standard 11-3-41 (WHDC)
  • CHINA GB 17691-2018
  • INDIA AIS 137 Part-4 (Bharat Stage VI)

Greenhouse gas emissions

  • US 40 C.F.R Part 1036 / 40 C.F.R Part 1037

Non-road mobile machinery regulations

  • US 40 C.F.R Part 1039
  • US 40 C.F.R Part 1048
  • US 40 C.F.R Part 1042
  • EU Regulation 2017/654, amended by Regulation 2018/989
  • JAPAN Technical Standard 11-3-43
  • CHINA HJ 1014-2020 / GB 20891-2014
  • INDIA AIS 137 Part-7 - A1 (Bharat Stage IV)
  • INDIA AIS 137 Part-7 - A2 (Bharat Stage V)

Test Procedures

  • Engine power map test
  • Discrete modal emissions cycles
  • Ramped modal emissions cycles
  • Transient emissions cycles
  • Cold start / soak / hot start procedure
  • EPA GHG Phase 2 mapping procedures
  • Pre-test emissions system check procedures

Analysis and Reporting

  • Power map calculations
  • Cycle denormalisation
  • Post-test control and measurement system validation
  • Emissions mass calculations
  • Configurable Excel report
  • Data import / export for GEM simulation for EPA GHG Phase 2


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