Growing Needs for Analysis and Measurement, Smart "Produces," "Stores," and "Uses" of Hydrogen and Energy ー 2022 Masao Horiba Awards is Now Accepting Applications

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The theme of 2022 Masao Horiba Award is " Analytical and measurement technologies that contribute to the use of hydrogen for a decarbonized society."

Achieving carbon neutrality is globally challenged as one of the efforts toward the realization of a sustainable society.  A new energy utilization using the alternative energy such as hydrogen instead of fossil fuel focuses particular interest as energy in future to realize carbon neutrality in 2050. Hydrogen is of particular interest as a future energy (energy carrier to be precise) because it does not emit CO2 when used as energy and is energy efficient.

However, there are many issues to be solved in the process for stable delivery and safe use of it for daily life, so the need for analysis and measurement are increasing as indispensable technologies.

Against this background, the "Masao Horiba Awards" selected "analysis and measurement technology that contributes to the use of hydrogen in a carbon-neutral society" as the theme for 2022, and applications have been accepted from March 15th. Through this award being held, HORIBA will support the discovery and research of technology seeds from a unique perspective that can be expected to contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality.

In parallel, HORIBA contributes to the realization of carbon neutrality by offering optimal solution from the perspective of analysis and measurement for all processes for smartly "produces," "stores," and "uses" new energy such as hydrogen.


Masao Horiba Awards

The "Masao Horiba Awards", which bears the name of the founder, is a prize for encouraging the researcher and engineer that anticipates analysis and measurement needs in new industrial fields and conducts unique research that will support the future development of science and technology. It was founded in 2003 and aims to spread the achievements of researchers and engineers who are striving every day to research analysis and measurement technology but not in the limelight of the world, yet. Also, it inherits the thoughts of our founder, Dr. Masao Horiba, to convey the importance of measurement and analysis to the world.
HORIBA hopes to increase the value of analysis and measurement technology that contributes to the new industrial structure and help create innovation for realizing a decarbonized society.
Please see the Masao Horiba Award special website for details such as application guidelines.