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New compact design of Micro Dilution Tunnel (MDLT) allows easy installation and unprecedented speed of flow control. Temperature-stabilized sensors to accurately control dilution over long periods of time.

HORIBA, a leading supplier for emission measurement and automotive test systems, focuses on customers’ requirements for reliable emission results over long periods of time and supports them in increasing their productivity with the new Micro Dilution Tunnel MDLT-ONE. Deploying the partial flow dilution method, the system samples particulate emissions from engines and vehicles, diluting only a small portion of the total exhaust gas with filtered air.

HORIBA’s MDLT-ONE considers the customers’ needs with regard to higher flexibility and larger throughput while improving accuracy and performance at the same time. For this reason, the complete instrument has been integrated into a single rack allowing for easy installation while achieving the best accuracy in the market.

At constant speed, the filtered exhaust gas flows through particle filters that collect particulate matter (PM) according to the latest regulations. With its unique dilution concept, MDLT-ONE offers accuracy and reliability similar to full flow dilution systems. This is particularly important for the investigation of large exhaust gas flows, as occurring in heavy-duty or non-road mobile engines, where a complete dilution of the entire exhaust gas is not possible.

 “At HORIBA, we strongly focus on our customers’ needs and we understand that they require reliable emission results over long periods of time. Therefore, we employ robust and accurate venturi flow meters with temperature-stabilized sensors to control the dilution inside our MDLT-ONE,” explains Dr Florian Hüwe, Product Manager Emission Engineering at HORIBA Europe GmbH. “These flow meters can be intercalibrated to verify their prolonged performance. Our customers also benefit from the fact that the system no longer needs to be trained with specific test cycles.”

This has been achieved by a new compact design that allows for an installation in less than 15 minutes. As another result, MDLT-ONE offers an unprecedented speed of flow control, enabling real-time control of even highly dynamic test cycles and being especially useful in the non-road mobile machinery sector. In combination with intelligent and automated checks included in the software implementation of the well-established HORIBA ONE platform, customers can expect to boost their productivity by saving up to 30 percent of valuable measurement time on the test benches. MDLT-ONE's capability to handle extended pressure regimes makes it also a valuable tool in the early development process of engines and their aftertreatment systems.

MDLT-ONE - Micro Dilution Tunnel
HORIBA's Micro Dilution Tunnel MDLT-ONE