HORIBA expands altitude testing capabilities

|   Press Release

New generation of MEDAS (Multi-Function Efficient Dynamic Altitude Simulation) significantly improves altitude testing.

New MEDAS HD allows for altitude testing of heavy-duty (HD), including HD non-road mobile machines (NRMM).

HORIBA, a leading supplier of automotive test systems, introduced the second generation of its altitude simulation system MEDAS, enhancing the mass flow capabilities while reducing the overall size compared to the previous generation. MEDAS performs vacuum and overpressure simulations and can now reach a maximum mass flow of up to 1,500 kilograms per hour with its new 5015-Series. In addition to the mass flow increase, this new generation improves control accuracy and at the same time reduces condensation build-up and energy use. The existing 5012-Series has also received an upgrade and is now contained in a more compact housing (28% smaller footprint), improving its handling during service.

HORIBA extended the MEDAS series to include heavy duty machinery with its brand new MEDAS HD system incl. NRMM. Aimed at large trucks, construction machines and off-road heavy-duty applications, the new 5050-Series allows for a mass flow of up to 5,000 kilograms per hour. While achieving more than three times the performance than that of the new second generation MEDAS 5015 system, the MEDAS 5050 sits inside a housing unit that is only 40 percent larger. The MEDAS HD can also be coupled to the MEDAS Temperature Module and the MEDAS Humidity Module for full temperature and humidity conditioning, increasing the range of possible testing scenarios.

“Through constant improvements and upgrades of our altitude testing and thermal management solutions we aim to provide our customers with utmost testing versatility. By expanding the range and performance of our altitude testing capabilities we are even better equipped to provide tailor-made solutions to a wide range of demands facing our clients, reducing development time and costs”, explains Dr. Javier Gómez, Global Product Manager Thermomanagement.

The MEDAS system is a compact altitude simulator that reproduces a wide range of environmental conditions encountered between sea level and an altitude of higher than 5000 meters. It offers the possibility to control temperatures from -45 to 50 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity from 5 to 95 percent over the complete altitude simulation range. The simulation options provide a detailed, reproducible engineering environment for current combustion engine concepts as well as performance and emission requirements.

The MEDAS-series is suited for a variety of testing applications, including durability, Real Driving Emissions (RDE) replication, emission tests and mapping. The system can also be used for different powertrain configurations, ranging from the component to the vehicle level. The patented technology inside MEDAS allows for dynamic changes on the simulated atmosphere with high accuracy, including temperature and humidity conditions at the engine intake. Additionally, the system can be moved between different test cells due to its compact design.

MEDAS 5050 Heavy Duty