Coventry University sets up mock clinical lab bringing Biomedical Science to life

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Case Study - Coventry University (Published in 2014)

HORIBA  Analyzers Give Coventry Students Vital Hands-On Biomedical Lab Experience

In response to government initiatives and targets to decrease waiting times whilst increasing the provision of patient centred care, services for improved patient driven point of care testing will undoubtedly continue to expand. This has HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical Division, announce that Coventry University’s Department of Biomolecular and Sports Science has recently installed new HORIBA hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers to enhance the future employability of their students.

In recognition of NHS requirements, Coventry can now offer their Biomedical Science degree students practical experience of real-life clinical instrumentation and applications. Consequently, this enables these future Biomedical Scientists to become truly enthusiastic about subjects that may otherwise seem dry theoretically.


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