Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): A robust methodology to help laboratories select hematology analyzers

In partnership with the Christian Medical College in Vellore, India, HORIBA Medical has adapted the world-renowned Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) assessment method to the hematology field.

This valuable new decision-making approach for laboratories has been published in the Practical Laboratory Medicine journal.

Laboratories are presented day after day with the multiple advantages of this or that analyzer, from one manufacturer or another, sometimes focusing on one criterion (e.g.: number of parameters analyzed), sometimes on another (e.g.: number of samples processed per day). It is consequently not easy to make an informed decision amidst this flood of information.

Adapting a world-renowned method to hematology

What if we could make the decision-making easier for laboratories? That’s what the method, adapted by Shubham Rastogi, HORIBA Medical International Product and Brand Manager, in collaboration with Dr. Sukesh Nair from the Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, India, have aimed to do. “We have adapted a world-renowned assessment method, OEE [for Overall Equipment Effectiveness] to hematology analyzers. As the name suggests, it assesses the overall effectiveness of a device by taking into account a set of strategic indicators such as availability, performance and quality of the results, explains Shubham Rastogi. We also took into account other strategic criteria for hematology laboratories, such as sensitivity, specificity and efficiency of the analyzers.”

Demonstrating the excellence of the Yumizen H2500

The interest of applying OEE to hematology field has been recognized by the scientific community. As proof, the results of a study conducted at the CMC in Vellore assessing four analyzers – including the HORIBA Medical’s Yumizen H2500 hematology analyzer, the core of the HELO* Solution – using this method were published in the peer reviewed journal Practical Laboratory Medicine1. “The results of the study are impressive as they demonstrate that the Yumizen H2500 excels in all aspects! We hope that this new assessment method will be a real support for our customers.”

* HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation

1 Sukesh Chandran Nair, Saravanan Mullai, Pandiyan Murugan, Asady Sukanya Sukumar, Joy J. Mammen, Shubham Rastogi. Overall equipment effectiveness, efficiency and slide review analysis of high-end hematology analyzers. Practical Laboratory Medicine, 2022, e00275.

Yumizen H2500 Hematology Analyzer_HORIBA Medical
(Image) Yumizen H2500 hematology analyzer