HORIBA Medical launches their new parameter, Yumizen D-Dimer, for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism diagnosis on the Yumizen G Hemostasis range

|   Press Release

HORIBA Medical announces the availability of a D-Dimer reagent for their semi-automated Hemostasis instruments.

The D-Dimer is a key measurement and the reference exclusion test for the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism and may also be used for monitoring Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.

The new Yumizen D-Dimer reagent kit is available for Yumizen G hemostasis instruments - fully automatic (Yumizen G800, Yumizen G1500 & Yumizen G1550) and semi-automatic (Yumizen G200 & Yumizen G400).

On Yumizen G semi-automatic systems (Yumizen G200 & Yumizen G400), it offers an innovative combination of immunoturbidimetric test capability and pre-calibrated ready to use reagent.

The new Yumizen D-Dimer reagent kit uses antibody-coated latex particles and is measured with the Immuno-turbidimetric channels of Yumizen G Range instruments, therefore providing fully consistent across the range. It provides laboratories with:

A cost efficient solution:
- Ready to use liquid format - minimizing preparation time
- Pre-calibrated reagent avoiding a costly & time-consuming calibration step
- High stability & optimized volume packaging to avoid wastage

Compliant with Gold Standard performances:
- Negative Predictive Value 99%
- Absence of hook effect until 25 µg FEU/ml
- Slope check and post dilution function (fully automatic & semi-automatic systems)
- Cut-off value at 0.5 µg FEU/ml

Today, HORIBA Medical is able to offer dedicated and specific solutions for Hemostasis diagnostic and treatment monitoring and to cover the needs of any laboratory with:

The smallest analyzer for point of care laboratories to monitor oral anticoagulant.
Compact 2-channel instrument device dedicated for small laboratories to perform coagulation screening and D-Dimers tests.
Compact 4-channel instrument designed for small laboratories to perform coagulation screening and D-Dimers tests.
Automatic benchtop coagulation analyzer for laboratories with mid-size workloads for routine & specialized tests (including new D-Dimer reagent kit).
Fully automated, high-capacity coagulation analyzer to manage the diagnostic and monitoring requirements of clinical laboratories with mid to high workload for routine & specialized tests (including new D-Dimer reagent kit).