HORIBA Medical launches the Cube S sorter in collaboration with NGNY Devices to enhance laboratory workflows

HORIBA Medical has introduced a new Pre and Post analytical compact sorter, designed and developed by NGNY Devices, to help hematology laboratories gain productivity and efficiency by improving workflows.

The Cube S is a compact robotic workstation that optimizes pre and post analytical sorting, storing and tracking of sample tubes in a laboratory.

Cube S can now be integrated with all HORIBA Medical’s hematology platforms, enabling distribution of samples to different destinations. This benchtop instrument automates a number of steps that would otherwise be undertaken manually, thus significantly enhancing laboratory workflows and increasing productivity.

The automation shared between Cube S and HORIBA Medical’s hematology systems frees up laboratory capacity by reducing labor-intensive processes. This saves technician time, improves safety by reducing potential hazards and promotes ease-of-use, with a colored user interface. Cube S is adaptable to all standard sample collection tubes (hematology, clinical chemistry and hemostasis).

Laurent Araud, International Product Manager at HORIBA Medical, commented: “thanks to the time savings generated by the Sorter, lab technicians are more available to handle other more complex daily diagnostic routines and tasks”.

With the addition of this new instrument to its in vitro diagnostic analyzers portfolio, HORIBA Medical is now positioned to offer an even more automated solution for all laboratories expecting to improve their automated workflow.


More information about Cube S at:

(HORIBA Medical) www.horiba.com/en_en/medical/products/detail/action/show/Product/cube-s-3395/#c15

(NGNY Devices) www.ngny.tech/cube


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