Monitoring of Airborne Molecular Contamination in Clean Room of Electronics Industry

In the electronics industries such as semiconductor, Flat display and communication devices, AMC* can degrade performance and cause quality deterioration for equipment and products in cleanroom.

*AMC: Airborne Molecular Contamination


  • Takes costs, skill and time because of manual analysis
  • Want to know the appropriate time for replacing the chemical filter
  • Die corrosion of electronic devices
  • Foggy mirror lens of manufacturing equipment
  • Oxidize film's breakthrough voltage degradation
  • Etching error
  • Thin film abnormal growth

HORIBA's AMC Monitoring System Realizes Visualization of Contamination Status and Reduction of Management Costs

HORIBA's AMC monitoring system supports the monitoring of contamination concentration trends and chemical filter maintenance through automated measurement as well as complements conventional measurement based on manual analysis, thus contributing to solving customers' issues. Through combined measurement of the outdoor atmosphere, we can offer more comprehensive measurement solutions with this system.


  • Stable automatic and continuous measurement
    Estimate the causes of defects in products/peripheral equipment and when to replace the chemical filters by monitoring trends
  • Easy operation
    Special skills are not required. Reduce management costs, time and labor costs
  • Build up a system according to request
    Multi-point measurement with line selector and portable trolley type (option). Support not only measurement in cleanrooms but also outside air measurement.

Case Studies

  • Measurement of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) inside a clean room or in ventilation air
  • Focused measurement at a spot such as the periphery of certain equipment
  • Detects specific events, such as an elevation in nitrogen oxide concentration due to increased traffic (outdoor atmosphere).

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