Cathodoluminescence (CL, CLUE)

CLUE Universal Extension for CL imaging and spectroscopy, PL and Raman

HORIBA Scientific is your partner in spectroscopy with unequaled experience in optics, vacuum and detectors designs.
Based on combined experience in Japan  (MP series) and in France (CLUE series), HORIBA Scientific offers a bunch of cathodoluminescence systems for process applications in semi-conductors as well as Research applications in Earth, Life and Material Sciences.

With a consistent worldwide installed base and as a leader in diffraction gratings, Raman, Time resolved and steady-state Photoluminescence and VUV spectroscopy, HORIBA Scientific is a global company with application and service support next to you.

From i-CLUE affordable CL panchromatic imaging controlled by the electron microscope software, to F-CLUE fiber coupled ruggedized configurations and H-CLUE laboratory solutions featuring high performance direct coupling; HORIBA Scientific offers a cathodoluminescence solution to every customer and every sample.

In addition, our Advanced Research Spectroscopy team can develop a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.