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Vacuum Spectrometer H30 UVL

Vacuum Spectrometer: Monograph for far and extreme ultraviolet

Completing our offer in FUV monochromators, the H30-UVL allows working either in monochromator mode using an exit slit or in flat field spectrograph mode using a CCD detector. His very compact and unique design, based on a unique single holographic aberration corrected toroïdal grating results in a very good image quality and an unmatched throughput.


Segment: Scientific
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA France SAS

The H30-UVL is especially designed for analyzing from high EUV to UV range in high vacuum environment and can be used as a monochromator (slit-slit) or spectrograph (slit-CCD).

The H30-UVL is built around a single toroidal aberration corrected grating using the holographic Variable Line Spacing, VLS technology. It has been calculated to reduce astigmatism not only on its optical axis but over a large exit plane in all directions (25 x 10 mm corrected plane) making it ideal for one inch arrays. Its single grating layout has the other advantage to reduce the number of optics in the instrument to the minimum, increasing its throughput in EUV and FUV regions.

Optical designToroidal Grating Type IV VLS single optic
Focal length300 mm
Grating1200 gr/mm : 50-300 nm
Optic coatingMgF2 optimized at 121 nm standard or Pt option
Deviation angle70°
Dispersion2.3 nm/mm at 50 nm
DriveFast worm drive
Resolutionbetter than 0.2 nm

5 10-6 mbar (HV version)

5 10-8 mbar (UHV version)

Pumping flangeDN63 CF
Entrance portMicrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm)
Exit portMicrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm) or Adjustable CCD port
Entrance flangeDN40 KF (DN40 CF)
Exit flange

DN40 KF for slit version (DN40 CF)

DN100CF for CCD version

PC interfaceBuilt-in USB2, no additional controller


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