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Vacuum UV Spectroscopy

Over the past 35 years, HORIBA Scientific has developed some of the most innovative Vacuum Ultra Violet (VUV) monochromators for synchrotron centers and the wider scientific community.  By taking advantage of our leading position as designers of diffraction gratings, these monochromators combine the ultimate advanced diffraction grating technologies and ultra-precise mechanics under vacuum.  They have been installed in several synchrotron centers and have demonstrated consistently superior performance.  HORIBA Scientific has developed a wide offering of compact VUV monochromators for applications such as extreme UV lithography and soft x-ray photoemission spectroscopy. 

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LSH Illuminator
mehr LSH Illuminator

Compact Deuterium, Tungsten Halogen or Glow Bar Light Source

mehr H30-UVL

Vacuum Spectrometer: Monograph for far and extreme ultraviolet

mehr H20-UVL

Vacuum Spectrometer: A Compact Monochromator for the 100-600 nm region

Vacuum Spectrometer - Custom Monochromators
mehr Vacuum Spectrometer - Custom Monochromators

Vacuum monochromator to answer specific request

mehr TGM300

Vacuum Spectrometer - Monochromator with 300 mm focal length to cover the 10-300 nm spectral range

mehr TGM1900

Vacuum Spectrometer - Monochromator with 1146 mm focal length to cover the 8-128 nm spectral range.

mehr TGM1200

Vacuum Spectrometer - Monochromator with 1000 mm focal length to cover the 12.5-400 nm spectral range.

mehr TGS300

Vacuum Spectrometer - Toroidal Grating Spectrograph, coming from Synchrotron technologies

VUV Transmission
mehr VUV Transmission

Use of H20UVL for VUV transmission

VUV Fluorescence
mehr VUV Fluorescence

Vacuum System - Fluorescence instrument based on H20-UVL and iHR320

VHR Series
mehr VHR Series

Vacuum Spectrometer - Vacuum High Resolution monochromators for the 100-1500 nm region

mehr PGM1000

Vacuum Spectrometer -Monograph to explore the 1- 125 nm

mehr PGM200

Vacuum Spectrometer - Plane Grating Monographs

mehr KiloArc

Broadband Arc Lamp Light Source

mehr PowerArc

Broadband Xe Light Source

Tunable KiloArc
mehr Tunable KiloArc

Tunable 1000W Xe Light Source

Tunable PowerArc
mehr Tunable PowerArc

Tunable 75W Xe Light Source

DeltaRAM X
mehr DeltaRAM X

Random Access Monochromator


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