Localisation of Polymeric Phases by Raman Microscopy Mapping Components of a Blend in a Plane and Depth Profiles of Laminated Film

A Raman chemical map reconstructed from a TV image of an area approximately 15x15 μm2. The map created by LabSpec software shows the PBT in red and the PE in blue.

Use of polymers in new applications involves matching the materials properties with the applications requirements. Often a polymer will be engineered for the application. This involves selection of the monomers and designing the manufacturing processes in order to tailor mechanical properties such as toughness, hardness and elasticity, electrical properties (such as the ability to insulate or conduct), and optical properties.

When more than one type of polymer is used in order to take advantage of the properties of the two (or more) chemical types, synergism can be achieved in the combination. The physical properties of the finished materials will depend on the chemical composition as well as the polymer’s morphology (orientation, cristallinity and chemical dispersion).

The first part of this note concerns the dispersion of the two components in a polyethylene-polybutylene terephthalate blend. The chemical imaging capabilities of the LabRAM will be used to get this information. The second part deals with the depth analysis of laminated films made of different polymer layers.

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