LabSpec 6 Video Resource Center

Get the best of your LabSpec 6 software with this series of short video demonstrations and presentations that will allow you to fully master your premium spectroscopy software suite.


Using an advanced workflow is the most efficient way to process your specific samples (images, particles, well plates, and more.)

Guided spectral image acquisition with EasyImage™

HORIBA’s LabSpec 6 software includes the optional EasyImage app to allow quick and easy acquisition of meaningful chemical images without needing a high level of Raman expertise.

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Sample Visualization

Instant focus, topography, mosaics, check out how to navigate seamlessly around your sample.

Navigate around your sample with the EasyNav™ package

Instant focus with NavSharp, focus stacking and topography with ViewSharp, navigation map with NavMap, check out how to maximize the use of the EasyNav package to visualize your sample on your LabRAM Odyssey, XploRA and LabRAM Soleil systems.

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Spectral Data Acquisition

Optimizing acquisition is key to generating higher quality images, faster.

Ultra-fast, high resolution spectral image acquisitions with SmartSampling™

SmartSampling turns Raman imaging from hours to minutes!
Check out how to use SmartSampling on your LabRAM Soleil to speed up your acquisition and generate ultra-high resolution images in minutes thanks to the smart adaptative step size mapping.

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Learn how to improve your spectral data and eliminate baselines, noise, and other non-relevant information from your datasets.

Easy processing with FLAT

High fluorescence backgrounds can be switched off automatically, on-the fly, using FLAT correction.

Fast processing with Extract Data

LabSpec 6 allows one-click data extraction to remove less relevant data to both speed up processing and to allow you to focus on the data that matters.

Optimized Processing with Thresholding Data

See how to remove the substrate contribution to noisy signals and how to optimize the accuracy of your Raman analysis.

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Easily generate comprehensive chemical images from your Hyperspectral data.

Multivariate Analysis & spectral identification

Need to identify and visualize the distribution of chemical components in your dataset?
Try this fully integrated combination of chemometric analysis and database searching with MVAPlus and KnowItAll!

Instant Image Using Univariate Analysis

Use the LabSpec 6 image cursors to instantly generate univariate images (peak amplitude, peak position, peak width, or area) and combine the results into a meaningful image!

Raman quantitative analysis using Peak Fitting

Use the integrated peak fitting feature to perform quantitative analysis on individual Raman spectrum and multidimensional data.

Analyze your spectral images in one click with χSTaiN

χSTaiN is HORIBA AI based solution to process and analyze your hyperspectral data, instantly.
χSTaiN will pre-process your data with the most relevant operations (including baseline subtraction, filtering, smoothing and normalization) and classify the chemical components, all in one go!
Check out how all the HORIBA expertise in data processing and analysis is now made available to you.

Automated Silicon Stress Analysis

Automated Silicon stress analysis for industrial, research and quality testing applications of microcrystalline Si.

Automated DLC Coating analysis

Embedded automated D:G band analysis and enhanced analysis reports for industrial, research and quality control testing applications of Diamond-Like Carbon coatings.

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Display & Report

Enhance your results and generate stunning animations to generate the perfect images for your online or print report!

LabSpec 6 Auto Intensity Scale and Histogram

Highlight relevant details on your Raman image using Auto Intensity Scale and Histogram.

Animate your favorite Raman images

Check out the Animation app in LabSpec 6 that allows you to create clear animated reports of your Raman Images.

Bring your univariate images to life with Flying Cursors

Create a glimpse into your 2D & 3D Raman images and 1D Raman profiles, and automatically survey the full spectral range to locate the details on your sample.

Enhance your image contrast with the Gauss Palette

If you need to improve the contrast of your Raman images, check out how the Gauss Palette can easily enhance your image display.

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